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Journey with Collavita

Reduced collagen production with age

Reduction of Collagen

Collavita products make you look less old

Reduced collagen production

From the age of 25, our body produces less collagen.

Consequences of reduced collagen production

This leads to aging and dehydration of the skin, joint, ligament and bone problems, and an increase in sports injuries.

Connective tissue cell

The collagen peptides in Collavita products are optimized to maximally stimulate the various human cell types involved in collagen biosynthesis, depending on their intended use.

Guaranteed improvements

As a result of cell synthesis and increased production of the body's own collagen, changes take place - skin texture improves.

The evolution of our customers with Collavita

Journey with Collavita

The adoption curve has four major phases:

Using multiple scientific studies and collaboration with Dr. ir Jorg Schelfhout, we have designed one of the most efficient consumption collagens on the market today. Our product is pure, tasteless and odorless. Which means that we do not need any additives, flavor or fragrance to give the consumer a pleasant experience when ingested.

With regular intake (daily prescribed dose), results are already visible by the 6th week. First the skin surface, becomes flexible and softer. In the fourth week, the effect goes into depth. With more a more radiant skin and a smoother (fuller) feel. The results are clearly visible from 8 to 12 weeks.

Of course, there is an adoption curve. Thanks in part to a clean product and our consumer follow-up, we ensure that this curve is very steep. It takes effort for the new user to incorporate this new action into their routine. But thanks to the visible results and the many benefits, Collavita can become part of the consumer's daily habits.

Collavita provides spontaneous, transparent and valuable follow-up right from the start. When purchasing and registering (for the chance to win promotions, coupons, offers) we ask about the user's motivations and expectations, among other things. This gives us valuable information about the user's environment, experience and needs.
These responses are used to optimize follow-up with the consumer. Depending on "where" the consumer is in the adoption curve, we deploy specific content to achieve the maximum results together with the consumer. The consumer can choose the communication channel that best fits their life.
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