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The evolution of our customers with Collavita

Collavita Consumer journey

The adoption curve has four major phases:

INSPECTION Week 1 - 2:

It takes the new user to incorporate this new action into his routine.
No clearly delineated preferred moments have yet been chosen. The place where the Collavita stands,the glass in which, the water, the temperature of the water, the quantities, the spoon . . . . All new actions that we want to help the new user with. We know that one can speak of an automaticity only after 32 times of repetition.
The Collavita support team provides a weekly "Tips" mailing to keep the user permanently motivated. Outline expectations and address any frustration.

001 | Tips, motivation, preparations

QUEST Week 2 - 4:

The most difficult phase. The consumer has been using Collavita for 3 - 4 weeks. Due to gradual improvement (surface / then depth), the changes and results are not comparable to how it was before. The deep, steady change. Our Collavita support team provides the guidance and motivaztion, explains what collagen does subcutaneously and what the consumer needs to watch for to see the changes.
002 | Motivation, the still invisible effect, signs of change

RESULT Week 5 - 6

The first visible changes are a great reward for consumers. Soft and flexible skin, nails and hair that are more beautiful and natural.
Result of the "journey" / journey to a better Self with collagen.

003 | Victory Badge, Plateau, highest level of inclusion


The actions, the taste, have become completely routine and part of a healthy life. We provide tips on how to stick to the actions. The visible and palpable changes they have brought about themselves (through use of Collavita) are the focus. We keep working on the need for regularity, for better SELF and stronger future.
004 | Middle of your life, your better self, regularity, future

The result has been proven by research

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