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Why drink collagen?

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Collagen's best friends ❤️ Who are they?

Collagen is not as simple as it sounds! There are different types: about 80-90% of the collagen in our body consists of types I, II and III. Type I and III collagen are found in skin, tendons, ligaments, bones, organs and dermis. Type II collagen deals with cartilage and joints. Because our body is very conscious and responsible, it primarily sends collagen to the internal organs, muscles and bones, while skin, nails and hair seem to be sort of an afterthought. Sometimes there is no collagen left for them.

❗️Onze collagen contains type I and III.

Who are the friends of collagen?

1️⃣ Sleep. You've probably noticed that your facial skin looks younger after a healthy night's sleep. That's because during sleep, the entire body is regenerated, including the repair of collagen fibers.

2️⃣ Physical activity. Physical activity stimulates the production of growth hormone, which also stimulates collagen production. Run, jump, play volleyball, dance - remind your circulatory system that you are active, that you are alive, that your body is breathing! And the more active you are reminded, the better for your body. Oxygen enters your bloodstream quickly, blood flows quickly through your veins and is renewed. Which means collagen goes to work immediately.

You can buy COLLAVITA products from:

✔ By emailing us at: info@collavita.eu
✔ By text'ing or via WhatsApp at: +32496252610
✔ Through our website https://collavita.eu/

Call us at +32496252610

Callavita website: www.collavita.eu


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Collagen and water

Only where there is water, there is life 🌸

✔️Water is an essential element for the maintenance of human life, that is, an indispensable component of all living things.

✔️Water in the human body helps convert food into energy, helps the body absorb nutrients, hydrates oxygen for breathing, regulates body temperature, participates in metabolism, protects vital organs, lubricates joints and removes various waste products from the body.

❗To saturate our bodies with water, we need to drink water constantly.

🌸 We recommend drinking plenty of water with collagen.
Remember that water balance is one of the regulators of collagen and elastin formation. ❗ The collagen molecule attracts and retains large amounts of water, making the skin more hydrated, this is especially important for people with dry skin and for anyone in the cold season. For beauty, youth and health, take collagen and remember to keep your body hydrated all day lang❤️

To order, contact us, or visit www.collavita.eu/shop, 📥


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When is the best time to drink collagen?

🍓 The main trend in recent years has been beauty and health. Even if until now you have not been particularly keen on figuring out what your body really needs, now is the time to change that.

So, what are the rules for taking collagen?

When taking collagen, observe the following guidelines:

💦 It is best to take it 'in the morning on an empty stomach, 20-30 minutes before meals;
💦 if not on an empty stomach, then 2-3 hours after meals;
💦 it is also ok to take collagen before bedtime.

Collagen cure recommendations.

According to doctors' recommendations, to prevent skin aging, the intake period is three months (three-month break).

Want to know the signs of connective tissue diseases that require more collagen supplementation? Read in our next posts.

Collagen powder can be diluted in liquids, incorporated into smoothies or added dishes.

So no complicated intake recommendations, but it helps to spread the effects of collagen throughout the body! 🥝

Keeping everyone young, beautiful and healthy - that's Collavita's main goal! 💚


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Did you know how popular collagen is in different countries?

➡️ In Asian countries, e.g.: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Japan, collagen is incredibly popular. This is due to the fact that the culture of consumption of this valuable protein is highly developed there.

In Japan, the use of collagen has contributed to a significant increase in life expectancy, thanks to government support.
This is not surprising, since collagen is present in almost all of our body's connective tissues, organs and blood vessels. Its lack not only has an immediate impact on our appearance, but especially on the internal condition of the entire body.

Japan has its own culture of taking collagen. They see this protein as a means of slowing down the aging process. In other words, the Japanese take collagen to look younger.
Nearly 100% of the Japanese population is aware of the existence of collagen, with 60-year-olds being more aware than 20-year-olds - 99.7% versus 97.3%.

➡️ The culture of dietary supplement consumption is also very strong in the US. This applies not only to collagen, but also to other supplements. Americans have entire shelves in their homes with all kinds of jars, bottles, pills, etc.
When Americans take collagen, they mainly focus on improving the condition of joints and ligaments. Therefore, it is usually taken by athletes or the elderly.

❗ It seems that people in our country care less about their health, while in the cultures of other countries it is an inseparable part of life. And it's not just about taking nutritional supplements. If we look at the statistics "Where and how much people spend on their health," Belgium is also at the bottom of the list.

We hope this situation will change over time and people will be more careful with their health!
CollaVita products can be ordered at www.collavita.eu/shop 💌.

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Smoking and collagen.

There is one way to look older: smoking.
Smoking changes your skin, teeth and hair in ways that can add years to your life. Take a look at these photo's side by side.

🚬 Can you choose to be a smoker?

Tobacco smoke contains more than 4,000 chemicals, and many of them cause the breakdown of collagen and elastin. These are the fibers that give your skin firmness and elasticity. Smoking or even second-hand smoke "destroys the building blocks of the skin." Consequences are sagging skin and deeper wrinkles.

There are scientific studies that have shown that smoking decreases the rate of type I and type III collagen synthesis in the skin and alters the balance of extracellular matrix metabolism.

Studies have compared the synthesis and degradation of collagen in the skin of smokers and nonsmokers. The study group consisted of 47 smokers and 51 nonsmokers from northern Finland. The results showed that the synthesis of collagen type I and III was 18% and 22% lower in smokers than in nonsmokers, respectively.

In smokers, we see a yellowish tint and sagging skin. Oxidative stress occurs in the body and our vitamins and trace elements are used to extinguish this stress. Vitamin E and C are essential. Smokers should therefore take a higher dose of vitamins E and C. Also, the body needs antioxidants to quench oxidative stress.

💚 Collavita's Beauty Source product contains an antioxidant complex in addition to collagen and vitamins to help the body recover from oxidative stress.

A study was conducted. The carousel photo shows twin women and the difference is that one smokes and the other does not. Let's take a guess 🙌.

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Summery and juicy 🌷🍎🍓🥝🍌🍏

How often do you make smoothies? After all, it's not only healthy, but also very tasty! 🥰 Especially if you use fruit. Quick, tasty and so summery 😍🥝🍓🍃🍏🥥

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Meet us this Sunday! Try our summer rustic smoothie recipe and share your impressions in the comments below. 🍓🍈🍏🍎🍌

We promise that you will be as satisfied as we are 😉

1 sliced banana
1 kiwi
✨ 6 strawberries
1 sliced apple
✨ pour in kefir for flavor
✨ one spoonful of Collavita collagen

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Ultraviolet radiation and collagen

The sun's radiation ☀ consists of UVB and UVA rays. They affect the skin in various ways, including the collagen in the skin.

UVB rays have the most harmful effect. People with fair skin are more sensitive to this type of radiation. Their greatest effect is in bright sunny weather, between 12 pm and 4 pm. The rays penetrate only the upper layers of the skin and indirectly affect collagen itself. SPF cream can help protect the skin from these rays.

UVA rays are the main cause of photoaging and cancer We cannot feel the radiation, but it penetrates the deeper layers of the skin. It has a cumulative effect on all skin types. It can penetrate at any time of the year, even through the clouds ☁️, in cloudy weather ☔. We also receive this radiation when we lie under the tanning bed.

☝️ What happens when you are exposed to ultraviolet radiation:

- UV light activates enzymes that break down collagen;
- Degradation of collagen leads to the formation of wrinkles;
- Fragmented collagen is synthesized,
- skin immunity is compromised;
- cancer can occur.

☝️Naast the use of protective creams and other sun protection, it is advisable to include enough antioxidants in your diet:

- vitamin C
- vitamin E
- selenium
- Beta-carotene.

With these factors in mind, we add an antioxidant complex to our products so that our customers, get more care 😊.

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The price of collagen

What does the cost of collagen consist of? 💸 Of course from many factors, including the quality of raw materials and production.

Our products use specific bioactive collagen peptides, created using innovative technology specifically to support healthy skin, hair and nails. 💆♀️ They are excellently absorbed and digested by the body, have a neutral odor, taste and texture, and are soluble in water 💦.
When choosing collagen, we chose a working product without compromise.

Collavita products are manufactured in production sites with registered HACCP and GMP quality control systems. This shows that production is safe and that the products that come out of it can be trusted ☝️.

Collavita's goal was to create a quality product that works.

A quality product must know its price.

🔥1 jar of Collavita is 35.90 Euros for an entire 2-month cure.🔥

Rejuvenation and overall body wellness for the price of one care treatment at a beautician.

Love yourself and give yourself the best! 💚

Buy COLLAVITA products 👇:
✔ Through our website www.collavita.eu/shop


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How can the quality of collagen be controlled?

What is the right collagen?

🍏 Despite promising results, collagens of varying quality are on the market.
- Low-quality collagen has a pungent odor and taste. To overcome such defects, manufacturers add synthetic flavoring and fragrance.

🍏 Synthetic additives are cheaper than natural ones, but give a very strong smell and taste. While natural variants give only a hint and a pleasant memory of the fruit or berry.
Therefore, it is difficult to mask the pungent smell of collagen with a natural aroma, and it is also more expensive.

🌱 Another criterion for the quality of collagen is its solubility and transparency. Low quality collagen is poorly soluble and some have a yellow color.

🌱 Another important criterion is the digestibility of collagen, which is directly related to the quality of processing. Although the producers of quality collagen spend a lot of money on the production of collagen, they do not skimp on conducting research, which shows the digestibility and the results of using the product.

🌱 Product Safety. Whether or not the product has passed laboratory studies and investigations, and safety tests. Whether or not a dietary supplement has obtained a registration certificate.

🌞 We advise you to be careful when choosing collagen. You may lose your health in pursuing cheapness.
Collavita uses European quality raw materials and natural flavors's for its products.

Our customers note that the product dissolves well and is pleasant to drink. All products were tested and registration certificates were obtained.


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Did you know that you can also lose weight with Collavita?

🍀 We know that collagen supplements are primarily known for their beneficial effects on the skin. But if you are looking for ways to lose weight, you may be surprised to learn that they can contribute to that as well.

🍀 How can collagen help with weight loss?
We reviewed studies conducted in this area in different countries and came to the following findings.

1. Promote satiety
Since collagen is a protein, collagen supplementation increases satiety, reduces hunger and consequently reduces the number of calories eaten per day.
- Moon J, et al. (2020). Clinical evidence and mechanisms of protein-rich diet-induced weight loss.
- Paddon-Jones D, et al. (2008). Protein, weight management, and satiety.

2. Increasing muscle mass.
Building muscle mass is an important part of weight loss. Collagen supplementation promotes fat loss by increasing the effect of strength training on muscle mass.
Zdzieblik D, et al. (2015). Collagen peptide supplementation combined with resistance training improves body composition and increases muscle strength in men: a randomized controlled trial.

3. Reduce fat accumulation
Collagen reduces the development and accumulation of fat cells.
Branch YJ, et al. (2019). Effect of oral intake of low molecular weight collagen peptides derived from ray skin (Raja kenojei) on body fat in overweight adults: A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study.

4. Relieve joint pain in sports and activity, allowing you to exercise comfortably and lose weight.
Tomosugi N, et al (2017). Effect of collagen tripeptide on atherosclerosis in healthy humans.

We recommend taking collagen supplements to lose weight as part of a holistic diet regime, not as 🙌

✅Ordering or our website: www.collavita.eu/shop


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Collagen - a support before and after training👍🏻

📖 Collavita is a unique functional nutrition product for the vitality of our body, and especially for people with active lifestyles.

This biocomplex helps you with the following:

✅ Recover quickly after workouts;

✅ Improve your performance by increasing your endurance during physical exertion;

✅ Give flexibility to the whole body;

✅ Prepares your body for sports activities;

✅ Improve the condition of ligaments and tendons;

✅ Strengthens joints and bones by supplementing macro- and micronutrient deficiencies.

Many athletes are already taking this healthy product! What about you?

CollaVita products can be ordered at www.collavita.eu/shop 💌.


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